Transcripta Multilingual Translations new Main Sponsors for Marsascala Sports Club Senior and Youth Teams


Marsaskala Sports Club proudly announces a brand new sponsorship deal with Transcripta Translation Services Ltd (Transcripta). Through this agreement, Transcripta will now become the exclusive sponsor of the first team as well as the nursery. Consequently, the names of the first team and the nursery are now MSK Transcripta and MSK Transcripta Youths respectively. This creates a greater link between the nursery and the first team.

Transcripta provides translation and writing services from and into all languages. Its local and international clients include the European Commission, the European Parliament, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, financial services providers, government authorities, hotels, businesses and individuals. The main languages provided by Transcripta include Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German, besides naturally Maltese and English. Transcripta also provides a range of writing services, such as text for websites, promotional materials, adverts etc.

Transcripta Director Chris Bezzina said: “We are absolutely delighted to have reached this agreement, which is Transcripta’s first association with a sports club. Transcripta’s aim is to see the first team getting stronger and fighting for titles, thus setting the example for the nursery which will produce tomorrow’s first team players. Transcripta’s slogan is “Without Borders”, and we believe that this philosophy connects us to the spirit of Maraskala Sports Club. As translations build bridges between languages, likewise sports connects people.”

Aaron Simpson, President ta’ Marsaskala Sports Club declared: “Such an agreement will be an important step forward for our club. It’s not easy these days to gain the commitment of companies or individuals who believe in our sport to provide financial sponsorship. Unfortunately there are other sports which dominate and attract certain sponsors. From day one, we built a good relationship with Transcripta. We sat around the table together and right from the start, the company directors understood our future intentions and plan. For this reason also and for the very first time in our club’s history, we did not distinguish between our nursery and senior team. This means that we will have uniformity between the various team levels and there will also be more scope for continuity. I would publicly like to take this opportunity in the name of the club and all of its members, to thank Transcripta for the trust they’ve shown us, as well as for their financial support, without which no sports club would succeed.”

On his part, Nursery Coordinator and Club Treasurer Melchior Busuttil said: “I am very pleased that we have managed to secure this deal with Transcripta, a top Maltese company with an excellent international reputation. This is the first time that our club has an exclusive sponsor like Transcripta for both the first team and the nursery, and this is truly of utmost importance for us. I have no doubt that Marsaskala Sports Club and Transcripta will be working very well together for the benefit of the children at our nursery, and that this cooperation will remain a successful one for many years to come”.

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