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To encourage and educate children and youths in a sporting environment for the foundation of a sound character

Marsaskala the Town

The seaside town of Marsaskala is mainly located around a picturesque inlet known as Marsaskala Bay on the southeast coast of Malta. However the locality has grown considerably and today includes also a second inlet known as Saint Thomas Bay, whilst the locality also spans northward towards Zonqor Point.

Today Marsaskala is one of the largest residential localities in Malta with 12,000 permanent residents in around 5,000 homes all year round; with an additional influx of residents during the summer months adding to an estimated 20,000 residents. The locality boasts a commercial community mainly located in the inner area of Marsaskala Bay. Restaurants, family friendly bars and a number of small shopping outlets are all centrally located. In terms of tourism, the locality suffered the loss of the closing down of a number of hotels in the past years; however a number of guest houses have emerged recently and a number of projects ear-marked for the locality including the American University of Malta project may very well provide once again the necessary boost to make Marsaskala once again a tourist destination.

The parish church is dedicated to Sant Anna (St. Anne) and St Anne’s feast is celebrated at the end of July in Marsaskala.

Water polo in Malta

Marsaskala Sports Club operates two sites: ‘Il-Pitch’ being a typical sea-side waterpolo pitch including the clubhouse and the Zonqor Pool which was formerly Malta’s National Pool prior to the construction of the Tal-Qroqq National Pool complex. Through these sites the club offers swimming and waterpolo training and facilities to the local community. The Club also collaborates and works closely with other sport oriented organizations of the locality.

Current Committee

On the 17th June 2018 Marsaskala Sports Cub inaugurated their new clubhouse which was fully refurbished over the winter and spring time. The works included an upgrade of the existing facility, a new board room for the committee to operate and also new dressing rooms with outdoor showers for its members.

During the launch Marsascala Mayor Mario Calleja spoke of the importance of clubs like Marsaskala Sports Club for the locality. He said that now Marsaskala Sports Club have first class premises for its training and events.

Club President Aaron Simpson said that the club is very fond of the outcome of the work. He also said that the Club has 9 new faces in its committee after an Extraordinary General Meeting held last Tuesday and this guarantees enthusiasm and also a good future.

Marsascala parish priest Fr Rodrick Camilleri blessed the premises and Mayor Calleja declared it open by cutting the ribbon.

 The current Marsaskala SC committee still has Aaron Simpson as President , newly elected Maryrose Bugeja as Secretary General , Melchior Busuttil as General Treasurer and the following members

Omar livori

Vicky Licari

Jeremy Agius

Melissa Agius

Vania Aquilina

Christopher Bugeja

Jonathan Cassar

Jozef Galea

Marie Louise Galea

Clinton Jones

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